Paula K
Excellent experience, "Hands on" practice very good. Enthusiastic teacher

Marine & Jason
Very intriguing. Can't wait to get started.

Alison D
Very informative with excellent practical ideas and ways to eliminate frustrations in child development.

Rachel P
Definitely worth the money. Know I won't be frustrated in trying to figure out what my son wants when he cries. I wish I did the workshop sooner.

Rob & Grace S
The enthusiasm of the instructor, Paula, convinced me to sign up for the course. My husband and I are very excited to begin signing after taking the course and watching the video of the children signing at such a young age. The instructor discussed many practical scenarios in which signing would reduce anxiety and create more bonding - great course.

Pamela S
I really liked how the instructor watched each person to ensure he/she was doing the signs correctly.

Sabrina & Mike D
I was very pleasantly surprised with the thoroughness, professionalism and accessibility with this workshop. Signing is much easier that I ever expected and I literally cannot wait to introduce these signs to our 6 month old. Everything was great.

Bill & Kathleen
We loved it!

Gloria F
We are looking forward to going home and teaching the signs. We were amazed by how many signs we picked up so quickly! The presenter was excellent. Very relaxed and creates an ideal atmosphere for learning.

Jason & Francesca C
The workshop exceeded our expectations. We are going home excited about learning to sign and sharing it with our son.

Danielle B
Fantastic workshop. Motivated my husband and I to sign to each other as well as our daughter. We cannot wait to see her first sign. Forget her first word, it's now about her first sign.

Jennifer H
I was surprised at how many signs I learned the first night. I found the workshop helpful to move beyond "milk", "eat", and "more".

Cathy S
Paula's presentation was excellent. There was a logical well organized progression - well suited to the needs of our babies. I would highly recommend Paula's presentation.
  Give the gift they will never outgrow -- teach them to communicate.