Coleton signing Please

Dancing Hands courses are based on Joseph Garcia's award-winning SIGN with your BABY® program that ABC Television's "20/20" refers to as "an astonishing tool for parents."

This amazing new style of parenting using American Sign Language (ASL) will stimulate the mind and captivate your child's wonder while reducing frustration for you and your baby.

Research shows that using American Sign Language with hearing pre-verbal babies as young as 7 months has these incredible benefits:

  • lowers frustration levels
  • helps them communicate their wants and needs
  • helps develop larger vocabularies
  • increases IQ levels by as high as 12 points
  • creates greater interest in books
  • helps form a special bond between parent and child
  • doesn't delay speech development, use of ASL actually makes it easier for babies to learn to talk
  Give the gift they will never outgrow -- teach them to communicate.