Paula Fisher at Baby Fair
Dancing Hands was born as a result of my experience with so many parents interested in knowing how to sign with their babies but not sure where to begin. It was a natural extension of my professional background in communications, along with my experience in ASL with infants and toddlers and it has allowed me the flexibility to stay home with my twins and pursue a rewarding career at the same time. Eleven years as a communication consultant has shown me the importance of clear, concise communication and the significance it has on day to day social interactions. I fully agree with the teachings of Joseph Garcia so I became a registered presenter with the Sign2me Presenters' Network

I am a Mom of twins, Coleton and Taylor. My kids have a strong curiosity for the world around them and I believe it's my greatest responsibility to guide them and enrich their lives with tools to communicate. I have seen the benefits, firsthand and can tell you what an enriching and joyful experience it is to see your children clearly communicate that they need more milk or want to bath. I started integrating signing into Coleton and Taylor's lives at 4 months of age; by 8 months they were communicating with basic signs, and by 18 months they had a signing vocabulary of over 75 signs each. SIGN with your BABY™ has given me the opportunity to communicate with my children long before they could speak. This is the new wave of parenting and I want to spread the benefits of baby signing to you.

  Give the gift they will never outgrow -- teach them to communicate.